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23 April 2010 @ 04:35 pm
Just in case anyone's listening, I've started something new.  I won't say much about it, because I don't want to spoil it.  lol.  Anyway, if I finish it, I'll post it here and on fanfiction.net.  Maybe deviantart, though I'm not sure if I want the people I know to see it.  They may think I'm weird, but I'm not sure if they'll ever talk to me again if they see I'm this weird.  haha.

Anyway.  Expect to see it in a couple days.  Maybe I can push myself to actually do something.  lol.

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15 April 2010 @ 08:06 pm
DoS is tomorrow!  I'm so excited!  Anyone else doing it?
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22 March 2010 @ 07:09 pm
...that I haven't posted for a while.  Felt like posting something that, when I made this journal, I had originally intended for this journal.

Title: So Lonely Without Me
Author: caligryphy 
Rating: NC-17
Complete/WIP: Complete
Word Count: 37,067
Author's Summary:
Two men, two rooms. Takes place several years in the future, during the war.
Author's Notes/Warnings: *individual to each part*

This is one of my top favorites.  I love how caligryphy gets them to interact.  She's my favorite author, with this story coming in a tie with her The Fourth Year fic.

God, my back hurts.

I idly wonder if I should try some different fandoms on here...

I think I'm going to either read The Hobbit or watch The Two Towers.  Dunno which yet.  ttyl!

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22 March 2010 @ 06:29 pm
I was reading e-comics and on another tab I have a Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince ad playing from youtube.  It started and sounded kinda wrong.  lol.
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24 January 2010 @ 09:22 pm
Apples are good for the soul.
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24 January 2010 @ 08:52 pm
Yesterday, I saw someone use these Sylar mood things, and I was like, "That's beyond awesome!"  So, I spent about 2 hours copying and pasting the urls in to the slots, and when I pressed "Save Changes," it didn't work.  I hadn't put in the width and length.  So, two hours of my life, down the drain.  And today, I decide to try again.  I get half-way through this time, with all the sizes down, and I accidentally press the x on the tab.  Nothing was saved.  My hand hurts and I'm irritated, so I went back and put in the basic ones, like sad, happy, angry, etc.  So, as of 8:45 pm on Sunday, Jan 24, I have some of these moods down.  *sigh*  I'll work on it more in a little while.

By the way, these were made by ninnui .  I uploaded the ones I downloaded onto photobucket.com here and you can get others here.  Hope you like!

P.S.  Message me if any of the links don't work.
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19 January 2010 @ 03:03 pm
  • Meg Ryan's Hair
  • Clam Chowder
  • Igloos
  • Cute dogs
  •  Twine
  • Egg Joke (What's the opposite of white?  Yolk!)
  • Villians
  • Unexpected cliches (Angels that smoke, Uncorrupted politicians, etc...)
  • lol's
  • colors
  • the smell of new books
  • the feel of my cat's fur
  • sweet tea
  • dark curly hair
  • actors
  • movies
  • the name joe
That's about it for the day...
31 October 2009 @ 11:48 pm

How annoying is this:

I was at work today, talkin to my coworkers in the back for a couple minutes in order to take a break from the customers (Saturday crowd at a Wendy's = no fun).  I can't remember how this came up, but for some reason, we started talking about "gay relationships." I guess you could say.  This guy, Mike, (first time workin' with him) all of a sudden said that 2 guys was just weird, gross, unnatural, etc, etc.  Then he says that 2 girls is "big thumbs up!  Fireworks galore!" (his words, not mine.)  It just bothered me and I felt like tellin' someone.

Dude, it's cold.  I should go to bed.  Take care, guys.

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14 August 2009 @ 01:29 am
I've got some things on my mind that need letting out.  What better way than typing it up onto my lj?  After all, that's was a journal's for, right?  An impersonal way to put down my thoughts down and no one in my family can accidently come across it in my room, so I'm going to milk this for all it's worth.  For today, at least.

Today, August 14, 2009, marks my best friend's baby's 6 months.  I am beyond excited.  I get to meet him soon.

I miss her.  I wish we hadn't moved.  I really don't want to be anymore.  Nothing will be the same, and I know that it's childish to say, and stupid to wish, but I wish it was back to the way things were.  I wish I was still with her, and I wish I was their when the baby came.  I wish I could trust my dad and not feel an ounce of fear toward him all the time.  I wish I could cry.  I wish I had someone real to talk to, and not my imagination.  Someone to keep me in check, but willing and able to listen to my woes.  I want someone to listen to, someone who trusts me enough to tell me everything.  I wish I wanted to listen to someone like that.  I wish I wsn't so selfish, but, on the inside, who isn't?

Mom trusts Dad all of a sudden again.  What ever happened to that talk we all had, where we all cried and you said you couldn't live with him anymore?  Why is it that I can read a book or watch a movie where something like this happens and I want them to get back together, but I can't do that with my own parents?

I want to go somewhere new, somewhere almost foreign.  Why?  I don't know.  But somewhere else would be nice.  A flat in London.  An appartment in Japan.  A plantation-like home in Georgia.  I admit, it isn't so bad here.  I might even come to like the snow.  In fact, I don't think I dislike the snow, not really.  I have this stupid habit of trying to be like the characters in books.  Bella doesn't like snow.  Severus is smart and well read.  Harry is deaf and can do sign language.  Stargirl writes letters to an old friend. 

I wish I didn't feel so alone.  I miss her so much it hurts sometimes.  I don't really have close friends here, someone I can call on a whim and talk to for hours on end.  Someone to spend the night with.  Someone to kiss, to hold, to protect.  Someone I can cry in front of.  I can't do that anymore.  It's hard to cry even when no one else is in the room, because I am there.  I look down at myself when I cry.  It feels pityfully inadequate to cry.  Not enough emotion.

What am I?  I told someone that I was bi, but am I truly?  What do I really want, what do I really need?  I want to hold someone, protect them from the world, but I want to be held close to someone's chest.  I want to be with someone small so I can curl up with them against my side, but I want to curl up against someone big and strong, too.

How is it music can have such an influence on me?  A song will come up just when I feel like it describes.

Well tonight if you turn your radio on
You might hear a sad, sad song
About someone who lost everything they had.
It may sound like me, but I'm a little bluer than that.

When you look out in the mornin' you might see
Clouds rollin' by like memories
And a big ol' sky, above you lookin' back
You might think of me, but I'm a little bluer than that.

You know how people usually stay in one place?  We haven't.  I wish I had stayed in just one high school, and I wish I cared that we might move again.  I wish I knew what I wanted to do.

Take a deep breath and you walk through the doors
It's the mornin' of your very first day.
Say "hi" to you friends you ain't seen in a while
Try and stay out of everybody's way
It's your freshman year and your gonna be here for the next four years in this town.
Hopin' one of those senior boys will wink at you and say
"You know I have seen you around before."

Should I move to Grandma's after high school?  That'd be nice, to be in a small town.  I can learn from Grandpa and Grandma can teach me how to cook good food.

On certain Sundays in November
When the weather bothers me
I empty drawers of other summers
Where my shadows used to be.

She is standing by the water
As her smile begins to curl
In this or any other summer
She is something all together different
Never just an ordinary girl.

In the evenings on Long Island
When the colors start to fade
She wears a silly yellow hat
That someone gave her when she stayed

I didn't think that she returned it.
We left New York in a whirl
Time expands and then contracts
When you are spinning in the grips of someone
Who is not an ordinary girl

When you sleep, you find your mother in the night
But she stays just out of sight
So there isn't any sweetness in the dreaming
And when you wake, the morning covers you in light
And it makes you feel alright,
But it's just the same hard candy you're remembering again

You send your lover off to China
And you wait for her to call
You put your girl up on a pedistool
And you wait for her to fall.

I put my summers back in a letter
And I hide it from the world
All the regrets you can't forget
Are somehow pressed upon a picture
In the face of such an ordinary girl.


Thank you for listening.
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25 July 2009 @ 11:38 pm

Title: Snape: The Home Fries Nazi
Author: pir8fancier
Rating: X (NC-17)
Complete/WIP: Complete
Word Count: 27896
Author's Summary:
  When Harry defeats Voldemort, the Death Eaters lose their magic. Snape decamps to the United States, where he becomes a fry cook in a diner. Seven years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry comes to him for advice.
Author's Notes: This fic is almost a continuation of Help Wanted. If you read that fic and were waiting for the next chapters, this might be a good substitute. That fic became ridiculously AU with the publication of the HPB, and I just don't know if I can continue it without a pretty significant revision. Anyway, many, if not all, of the same themes that I had intended to explore are visited here.

I love this story so much.  Nutty title, I know, but it is, in fact, a pretty serious story.  There's suicidal!Harry and (lol) bald!Snape.  This would definitely be in my top ten, if I had one.

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